Your Post.

Allanonto Everyone

As you see fit to lower yourself and respond to a mortals post on this board I will take that as an

invitation to reply.

To my eye when I traversed into the Loremasters guild there was no \"evidence\" of foul play.

I freely admit i never gave a second though to how there were people in there already, I

suppose I assumed the long haul to free the long night had just reached that stage and there

were certainly no posts on any order, guild or city bb's explaining access to the Loremasters

guild was a problem.

I never saw these conversations you state were going on I dont know what you were looking at but

i will for the records look over todays logs.

My point is this, I would never knowingly cheat - from this stance I traet all events in Avalon

at face value. My first thought this morning was not \"this must be dodgy... \".

I do not claim to have any proff to show Zenichiro \"cheated\" in gaining the Longnight items

because there probably is not any, because he probably gained them fairly.

It is your attitude that creates the problem and undermines peoples good deeds performed in good faith.

MY experiences in this land have left me in a better position than most to give testament

to how the divinities dish out punishment - you can do to me as you wish with your given powers

it does not however make it right or just - not that you have to care about those mortal concepts.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Leaflost, in the year 998.