Magellan, the god of civilisationto Allanon

The trouble with all of your 'experience' is that you never learn from it and

use it.

There was enough evidence pointing to the fact that underhand methods had been

used to gain access to where you were, you yourself knew, or at least selectively

chose to ignore the parts of the conversation going on in the location which

mentioned exactly how it was done, and you failed to point the consequences

if you were caught, which you were.

As to how Zenichiro obtained the items, I do not know. Unless you have any

evidence indicaiting that he got them in ways that he should not have done,

you should keep quiet, and bring it to the attention of the gods to investigate.

As an older player of this land, AND as a Baron of the City of Mercinae, you

are meant to be an upstanding example of how the 'better' side behaves. Sadly,

it appears that you are not. I guess all your experience has not educated you

otherwise, or perhaps The Master has been more insiduous than previously

thought and suborned leading citizens who might lead the charge against him?

Your actions and your apparent claim of 'experience' differ. I'm sure the land,

and your citizens, as well as myself, eagerly await the futher details...

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 998.