The Long Night.

Arikarr The Undying, Prince of Shadowsto Everyone

Oh behalf of Thakria, I would extend my apologies to those of you

who have had your Buccaneers challenge interrupted by the coming

of the Long Night. Especially to those of you who worked so hard

upon the challenges' details. I will compensate ye for this.

To everyone else - Behold the Long Night. A symbol, a statement,

pure and simple that Thakria cannot and will not be beaten down

subdued or cajoled. We are the City of Miracles and this day we

have demonstrated this once again.

There is a Darkness coming to the realm deeper than any of you

can possibly conceive, and the Long Night is our banner to it's

glory and power. Until now, caution greeting this new Dark Master

has been our way, but as you raise bright blades and harsh threats

against us, you force us into the same corner as that coming

apocalyptic force.

Turn aside from words of war now, Avalon, so that we may greet this

evil and judge it as mortals together. Let us not draw battle lines

until we are ensured of the true nature of our enemies.

The Long Night may not last forever, but the Darkness to follow may


Unless ye choose thy enemies with greatest care.

My praise and favour goes to Zenichiro, for this work he has achieved.

get potion43380 from Pack

put potion43380 in Pack

a great monument to this age has he fashioned, a work of art forged in

the very essence of Night, filigreed in Evil most malign. My Praise.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 998.