Allanonto Everyone

Not that my opinion as a mortal (albeit an old and experienced one) matters to you

but giving me an Eternal Disfavour only serves to compound your bad handling of this situation.

If you choose to deem my previous post disrespectful then I am sorry that was not

it's direct intent.

It is no wonder that I hear so much apathy towards Avalon these days particularly from \"older\"


Well I must congratulate you I am effectively out of action (not much of a loss I can almost hear

Arthor crying) As someone who has actually taken down the longnight on several occasions

I urge others to keep fighting and of course I shall provide whatever assistance I

can through my knowledge and experience if not my skills.

I shall also pray for a time when my Patron may once again enter this land.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Leaflost, in the year 998.