Allanonto Everyone

Zenichiro well done, a product of determination over a long period.

What a shame your achievement is undermined by actions such as this morning.

Two of the younger deities of the realm saw fit to thrawt the actions of a group of

on a quest to get items from the Loremaster guild.

Despite most of us helping only joining in after someone had got in the Loremasters, apparently

we all should have realised someone supposedly cheated their way in there by creating a false

new charatcer.

I know not whether that is true, I do know half a dozen people were zapped and some disfavoured and

all pills to the loremasters were wiped.

I wonder when collecting all the items for completing the longnight whether Zenichiro was

constantly accused of cheating when he got into many guild protected by runes and staves etc... ?

According to Lord Magellan I as a foremaster Loremaster should know how rune defences protect a guild

I wonder how all those guilds in cities all over Avalon will wonder then how easily they are penetrated?

As a Priest of Apollo I apologise that the longnight still persists, at this time the forces

of light seem to have been blocked by a force we cannot counter ...

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Leaflost, in the year 998.