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Sorcerer Azaar of Thakriato Everyone

As one of the smaller players, I would have to agree with Arikarr.

Avalon is not a world exclusively devoted to love and peace, and good thing too. I've been killed more times than I care to count, often by bigger players, sometimes jumped or teamed by them.

I accept this not only because I am a sorceror, but because I am in Avalon at all. Julian, for example, may be a slimy turd with an arse for a brain, but if he chooses to jump/team me, I see that as his prerogative.

I can't see how your suggestion of adjusting higher players' levels to lower ones is workable, unless you strip them of the skills they have spent time/money acquiring, also.

What I would say in support is that those found guilty of abusing HELP SADISM might be punishable by the gods, but that surely is a matter for them.

Stick with it girl, one day vengeance shall be thine.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Hindyear, in the year 998.