You can see for youself by Julian's own posting that he hardly emphatically denied

any of my accusations, and most of which never bothered to deny at all. Half of Avalon

must have witnessed him offering me citizenship over and over as he has made the offers

so frequently. As to proof, as I'm sure the combined testimony of many of Avalon's

citizens will mean absolutely nothing whatsoever to you, perhaps you'd be interested

touch hear he made these offers in the presence of at least one of Avalon's gods. I

shall not post his name for 2 mains reasons, firstly it's probably not my place to bring

him into something for which I'm sure he has no interest, and secondly, much like me,

I'm sure he tried his best to ignore Julian's truely pathetic whining and attempts

at bribery for well over an hour, and possibly remembers none of it. In which case all

I can say is that I truly envy him that luxury.

And on a final note, judging by the many responces to my initial posting, many

Avalonians have not only found Julian's antics very interesting, but, like me, also

incredibly amusing.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Midsummer, in the year 998.