Can you please explain why one of your citizens, a knight by the name of Julian, is

currently offering me citizenship, stolen city commodities, access to shops, copies

of various keys both to city and guild locations, troop information, almost anything

he can access in fact in return for one of his personal posessions. Is this the new

public policy in Mercinae these days?

Although I was sorely tempted to accept his offer, just so I could make this post a bit

more personal and direct on your city bb, as a matter of principle I had to

refuse. But I thought I should let you know, as his Prince, just what one very

typical citizen of yours will go to for personal gain.

And finally to Kes, his guildmaster, for who he holds such public contempt

and absolutely no respect. Perhaps next time he tells me and others, just how pathetic

he feels you are, and I am not using his own words for the sake of public decency,

for as he put it \"putting him on probation for not having faith in his judge of

character\", just maybe you'll summon up the leadership to go that extra mile?

Loremaster Zenichiro

Written by my hand on the 20th of Skyelong, in the year 998.