Swelled Heads and Small Minds.

Sir Jared, Barrister of Springdaleto Everyone

Add this to the latest rash of inane drivel to show up on the BB. I agree with Glowballistic on one point- this place is a constant amazement. It might be interesting to see how many real life children play this game as opposed to emotionally deprived

adults. I for one wonder often whether one needs to be at least the latter to succeed in this world. This is a game, people. This is not a slice of life. If it were, people like Arthor and Zenichiro, and yes, even Panamon, would be locked up behind b

ars and not free to wreak their own brand of havoc on the world. But it amazes me how adults can turn this into some microchosm of the world and assign lofty philosophical goals to their roleplay.

In the end, we are all here because we have found something here that we enjoy. That may be fighting, or plotting warfare, or completing quests, or working to help young ones in the land, or even just visiting with friends. In the end, we are all at t

he mercy of the \"immortals\", who, by the way also fit into all of the above. But we all pay for the privilege of being here and, as such, as far as I am concerned, have every right to whine, kick, scream, or cry as others have the right to murder and

pillage. But I guess, for me, the question is do all of you care whether I was treated unfairly or if someone else was? I doubt it, for the most part. But I am rather cynical.

One last bit, I am tired of personal comments appearing for all of avalon to read on the BB. Glowball, I admire you in many ways, but your comments about Gwen are totally uncalled for and unwarranted. So what if you don't like her posts-then comment o

n them and send her messages or tells with the juicy bits of slander and rumour that you use to hurt her.

Sir Jared, who is as inane as the next guy on the BB, unfortunately

Written by my hand on the 6th of Paglost, in the year 998.