Intelligent Debate - In Avalon, This place continues to amaze me.

Thank you

Friends in the land know I have been increasingly despairing of the lack of maturity shown in Avalon. It is clear from speaking to many that some of you understand what I am trying to say, some don't and others read things in that aren't even there.

'Kicking puppies' is a tongue in cheek reference to arikarr's own ironic posting. If you don't get it then don't worry, suffice to say your kittens and doggies are safe from my boots.

'But to be an advocator of Darkness and win over the world requires extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even-if you will-eccentricity. ' Well said ! I have publically posted that the stripping & bullying shown by some are bor

ing and pointless.

I have suggested other avenues people persue to follow the Darkness, and I'm sorry Wraith - noone objects to me hiding your sweeties, yet a roar of indigantion goes out when I so much as look at a small animal. 'Tis a strange world we live it for sure

Reread my posts with your criteria to hand. I'm not there yet, but at least I'm trying. And before someone launches an unwarranted , rabid attack - I am not snowlock, nor am I kylan, I am me. Nothing more, nothing less. I have never desired to follow

in their footsteps, I choose my own path, and never have criticised the great players of history.

It appears my dry humour is lost to some so I will now summarize and shut up. The world is a nasty place - deal with it and get over it and stop whining. Thakrians are evil, Mercinaens are good, roleplay accordingly.

Evil comes in many forms - I applaud several citizens who balance stripping of people big enough to know how to defend better, with questing for the upcoming darkness.

Both evil and goodness require great skill to roleplay correctly, bullying doesn't. Many new citizens of thakria are trying to do just that (hence forging a new type of thakrian). And I'm not arrogant enough to try shaping them myself, I am simply try

ing to persuade them to explore the many options this place offers, to learn to be great fighters with the good grace not to abuse that hard won ability.

Oh and Gwen, I know enough about Avalon's history to at least know the gender of each of the Gods. I will say no more, I have no desire to tempt fate, that seems to be your job...

Lady Glowballistic - Fed up but relieved that People like Ulyssis, Tanglong and Weasal are around.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Paglost, in the year 998.