Your Post to me.

In order to keep the BB short I answer you in two postings. This is Part 1:

Even the performance of the vilest and most wicked deeds requires spirit and talent and if done in it's purist form, not only commands respect but gets it. Arthor is one of the finest warriors in Avalon, but he is not Great, for greatness is only awar


to a respected enemy.

Could you imagine a Winston Churchill or a Theodore Roosevelt giving up the affairs of State amidst a war to pursue and kill an Owl? Could you see Eisenhower or Montgomery lose focus on their city's major threat in order to pursue an inane mission that could achieve nothing more than satisfaction of personal ego? I doubt it.

A true soldier learns in boot camp that personal emotion has no place in a warriors mind, those who practice it make greatness and are written into history, those who don't just fade away.

Arthor has the foundations of greatness but lacks the maturity to be great because I can bait him so easily with words alone.

Every minute he spends chasing my owl takes him away from something important, hence victory is mine, so please show no pity for me, pity Arthor.

When he takes the men of Mercinae from me, or prevents me from ploughing I salute him, for that is what a respected enemy should do. But I cannot applaud actions reserved for a thief or other persons lacking in honour, for they shall always be in the


ow of the fighter regardless of whether that fighter uses a sword, a plough or a pen!

Written by my hand on the 1st of Paglost, in the year 998.