The Master of Darkness.

Giliad Silverhand, Bard Savantto Everyone

A horrible moaning rose from the River Jetties as the fog lifted from the cold water of the Leithe.......

The cry for help awakened me from a long nap, and I promptly dashed to the Mercinaen Jetties, where I found a Gant citizen, a brave pikeman from that cities army, bleeding to death at my feet.

Cuchulainn quickly joined me, to hear the man's final words.

People of Avalon, Gant, the forgotten city in the northern hills, has been assaulted and captured by the forces of Darkness, lead by the Master himself.

A way to reach Gant must be found.

The Master of all Darkness must be stopped.

He must not be allowed to push farther into our land.

Good must triumph, and the Master must fall.

Fight, Avalon, as if humanity depended on it. Because, unfortunately, it does.........

Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 998.