Ignore advice at you peril.

Ulyssis - you are clearly a kind and warm hearted man and yet appear to enjoy the pain inflicted by Arthor. Perhaps a little darkness lurks in the 'murky' depths of your soul...

You clearly do not wish to be a fighter, but want to persue a path of kindness and love. *spit* If that is the case then become PW, I know DP limits your powers. Magellan offered advice on how to prevent attacks if you have no wish to be part of the

violence that this fine world can offer. You ignored that advice. Arthor said he would do it again, you ignored that warning. Become protected or get some of the more 'caring' fighters to provide armed escort to the chest.

I do not condone nor condem Arthor - he stripped you, warned you he would do it again, and you decided to go out into the harsh world with no protection. Frankly that is like waving a red rag to a bull - and I suspect you knew that, and wanted him to

jump you in order for you to post here again.

I have heard that in the land known as 'RL' - charitable aid has to be protected by warriors - what makes Avalon different ?

As I have mentioned before - the weak and the young are being let down by the Fighters of their guilds and cities. The sense of community you desperately desire can be achieved through donations, and can also be achieved by providing an escort for tho

se donations.

A new darkness is coming..... and a new type of Thakrian is being forged..... But that doesn't mean we are going to start being nice to you.

Stripping newbies or 'teenagers' trapped between being too small to jump, and big enough to fight back, is one thing. Jumping someone who announces to the world he is off with a cart of goodies and no security into the wildlands, and hopes noone is m

ean and horrible enough to do rob him is entirely another...

Lady Glowballistic - Still Kicking Puppies.....

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Cloudburst, in the year 998.