whirl blade

Yes I've kicked puppies, pulled legs of spiders, and worst of all, hidden Wraith's sweeties.

I've 'confiscated' goods, courtesy of Vaxvarna, and when my scholarship is higher will no doubt develop an addition to shirolos.

Stripping is part of life - that's why there is a bunch of poisons and guild skills to aid you. But if I wanted to take pleasure in doing the same things over and over, I'd get married.*wink*

If you can strip someone easily, do you A) do it over and over again ? *yawn*, or B) move on to bigger fish and try harder ?

I prefer to practice my evil deeds on as big a person as I can find, but hey you find all shades of grey living under the (black) sun...

If people want to fish for tadpoles - fine, I'll stick to catching frogs - the bigger they are the more pain they suffer when you torture them...

Lady Glowballistic - 24/7 and wondering where all the fishing references came from.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 998.