Arikarr the Undying, Lord of Shadowsto Everyone

Ah. Amateurs, one and all.

Never kicked a puppy? Drowned a few kittians? Not felt that

cold chill of satisfying evil crawl up your spine twisting

into a malicious disgusting toothy grin, almost a sneer of

disdain for the weakness of your victim?

Then ye've never lived. As those who taught me what Avalon

was really all about said...

'Don't be a victim'

Go on, strip someone today, jump them, team them, be evil.

Be True Unto yourself, and accept your basest nature. Do ye not know

that the trappings of society are but fetters placed upon your

real desires? How much better if you were truly free to practice

all that you deserve and have right to?

'Do what Thou Wilt, for that is the Whole of the Law'

{ I've wierded myself out!}

Arikarr, The Undying.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 998.