You have a point about about English being a second language to some, but surely a little leg pulling about typos and spelling mistakes is pretty harmless ? Educational even, if the same spelling mistake keeps being made.

No one cries 'foul' when certain people have potentially RL hurtful insults directed at them, due to their ROLE PLAYING behaviour in Avalon.

If you don't want abuse, don't shout, tell or post insults. Seems simple enough huh ?

Changing the subject - Melain - I've seen 'anklebiters' slap, punch, kick, perform impossible sexual acts and attempt to kill just about everything, including one anti - animist who tried to kill a tree ??

If they try and kill your animals, the animal will try and kill them (shrug) their fault, don't worry about it.

Oh! - Zakath, is it OK not to want the woods to smell of rotting corpses ? I kinda like the smell of flowers as well as the aroma of freshly spilled blood...

Written by my hand on the 20th of Leaflost, in the year 997.