Artisan Ulyssis the Runemasterto Everyone

As all who have lived in Avalon for some time will know, I serve but primary task and that is the upkeep of the Community Chest, and to provide compassionate services to the young in this harsh environment.

This of course cannot be done alone and help comes from many souces and since it is the wish of our Ladies Brigantia and Adelwyn to thank the appropriate people I wish to mention the following:

First Sir Arthor ... who stole from me, all the comms belonging to the charity in the most cowardly fashion BUT DID say that he would donate them to the newbies of Thakria and tell them who it came from ... I thank you for opening this new avenue of

distribution. Next, to Karah, who killed me, but then took me to the Pool and Bathed me, and even though (unlike Arthor) she is a THIEF, she never stole from me ... thank you for the compassion.

Finally to Raulin for his donation to the Lady Brigantia, for it goes a long way in helping to recover the set-back Arthor has created.

As you all may have noticed the Chest was a little lean for the past number of days but it has taken a good while to recover the loss. I thank all of those who continue to donate silently, we shall never know who you are, but understand our thanks to


shall be forever strong.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 997.