surviving with what you have.

Zakathto Culinane


Aren't you able to survive on what you have without being artificially propped up?

The vast majority of us rely on our skills and ablilities. It seems you always need

an extra-ordinary means of escaping.

You are very ignorant indeed if you believe the clouds to be as safe as you declare.

You forget that members from all four cities can visit the clouds and bring their friends

there to make pills etc.

There are countless methods to stop people getting there. Or bringing people back down from there

which I will not discuss on a bulletin board.

Don't kid yourself about using your ability to hunt sorcs and loremasters down...

running away from them is more likely judging by the times when you have gotten stuck in

my rituals... in your guildhouse.

Within avalon you are regarded as one of the best fighters. So live up to it and use your

guildskills to prove it...

You can teleport from city to city easily... should by your argument some thakrians be given

something that lets us do it faster or better? The answer is no.

Nb (artificially propped up doesnt refer to your gems)


Written by my hand on the 18th of Hindyear, in the year 996.