These dark days.......

Giliad Silverhand, Bard Savantto Everyone

Brothers and Sisters of Avalon,

All of you are aware of the dark creatures that have stalked these lands in the past few weeks.

The Revenant, Behemoth, Harbinger, and Liche are creatures of ultimate evil and darkness, and are omens of what is to come.

Today, Aias, Jared, Kailor, Blotto and I fought and killed both the Liche and the Harbinger as they made thier way towards and within the walls of Mercinae.

I know this feat has been accomplished many times before, but I fear these creatures are growing in strength.

In an effort to aid all of Avalon, I will now share with you a few secrets of dealing with these monsters so that everyone can at the leaast survive thier attacks, if not defeat them.

1. They can be webbed. Thier time to escape the webs varies from lengthy struggles to instant freedom, but if you are not alone, it is worth the try.

2. The Liche is in many ways immortal. So far, only the presence of the Mage ritual Mortal has stopped it's instant regeneration. Though, I am sure, other ways must exist.

3. All of these creatures, particularly the Harbinger, can inflict multiple broken bones and paralysis on you instantly, along with many other allfictions. Be ready to cure them.

4. Finally, these monsters are smart. Both the Harbinger and the Liche spoke to me today as we fought them. The normal tricks don't apply. Lets use this BB as a place to discuss new tactics, since we will surely need them in the days to come.

Go with the Light, my friends, and enemies, as this foreboding future affects us all.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 996.