wings and such.

Culinaneto Everyone

Part of this post may be out of character, as the saying goes, for which, I offer my apologies up front. First and foremost, for those of you who have been pointing the finger at Apollo regarding a) the fact I had wings and b) the fact they were taken

away, you are mistaken. Apollo had nothing to do with the wings in any way, griping at him because he is online the most, is shooting at a convenient target. Apollo and I have had our differences in the past, however, my impression is that he continu

es to attempt to be even-handed, much to my continuing dismay when I personally would rather see him be a little more biased against the 'evil' lot out there.

Now turning to Aerian and the crowd that griped because I had the wings. First of all, let me say it is rather rich that a lot of the complaints came from loremasters and sorcerers, the two professions which have the ability to go Up Among the Clouds.

The main reason I wanted a pair of wings was so that I could chase you there when you run away. If you for some reason found it frustrating that I flew away, well... welcome to the working week. I can speak for Sturge, Blueskull and any number of str

ong fighters who find it annoying that you can simply fly away to a location we can't reach (NOBODY half competent will ever be caught up among the clouds, anytime someone else tries a traversal, moving is too easy).

If you are whining that I shouldnt have them because they are an extra artifact or somehow unfair, this is reminiscent of the whining about the Dragon of Mercinae. I point out that I earned the right to ride the dragon being Prince of Mercinae, a job

that the likes of Aerian not only does not have the competence to do, but there is no way that the people of any City would ever follow him. I earned the wings, as a certain deity once promised me that were I to lead an invasion of Thakria, that gift

would be mine. Complaining that people who have distinguished themselves get a benefit for so doing is simply weak. Should we take away the Staff of the Wanderer from Gringle or the Amulet of Felgor from Cuchulainn? God knows they distinguished themse

lves as being smarter than the rest of us at a Quiz and they received a gift for it. Dammit... that's unfair! They are smarter or better than us and got an extra goodie because of it. Complain to the gods! Perhaps not only will their artifact be taken

away, but if you are lucky, the deities will make Gringle and Cuchalainn a little stupider as well. That way you, too, can have a chance on the next quiz!

Finally, on this side of things, A specific point for Aerina, complaining that I left your staves and you couldnt follow is downright funny. You are like Zakath. he never leaves his rituals, you never leave your staves, not to chase an enemy, not for

anything. Any suggestion that you would have followed me anywhere is laughable.

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Written by my hand on the 28th of Ilmarael, in the year 996.