One thing that will forever separate mortals and animals and such from us

is they will always need a Mother. It rather defines their mortal status

in the lands, they are born, and die. And while young, they are helpless

in need of clothing or they will freeze, in need of food or they will

starve. In need of help and protection or they will perish. While we

have no need of them, they have needs for something larger and stronger

to raise them until they can survive on their own. Where would all the

strong and powerful mortals today be without some early help from others.

They would not be, at least not most. And while that might have produced

a few especially strong ones, the lands would be quite barren I think.

Something Life does not like. I admit, mortals should raise their own,

both the babies they have, and the young that arrive here. But they seem

to require a guiding hand to manage this task. Perhaps someday they

won't, and I can return the majority of my attention to my trees and plants

and wild creatures. But until then I will try to help the species

perpetuate itself, like I do all my creatures.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 996.