This and That.

Artisan Ulyssis the Runemasterto Everyone

First I need to come to the defense of Brigantia not because I'm a dedicated PW (you need only read my post on the idea to create a NC status to know my view on PW's) but because I cannot fault her logic.

She has been one of the main reasons (although I do not follow her Deity or philosophies) that I (along with many others) continue to labour and provide the Community Chest as well as return items stolen (in battle or otherwise) from players.

As many will attest, (including those who have stripped me personally), I come to the aid of anyone regardless of which so called \"side\" they are on.

Next, as regards logging, I have a simple policy, chop one, plant three ... and being a habitual logger I am responsible for a fair annual \"tonnage\" of logs, and many a time I have chatted to Brigantia while swinging the trusty axe ... so I can affir


that our Goddess of Life, (while muttering under her breath) understands fully the mortal need for wood.

Finally, having fought many a real battle in a world beyond Avalon, retreat in order to build up reserves or to prevent death has always been a PRIMARY tactic.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midsummer, in the year 996.