Aerian I have forgotten more about being a Loremaster than you will probably end up knowing.

One thing I do remember is whinging when i didnt get to make nice easy kills.

To my former enemies I apologise that like Aerian i used to think it highly unfair certain

death by staving by escaping by some means or another.

Aerian, there have always been fleeing wether it was to the Dark Void, Sapience, a Shop Storeroom

play viol aerian

t takes but a blink of an eye for you to pack up staves and be in your shop storeroom assuming of course

you hadnt eaten a pill before you even turned up to try and cause mischief.

I as a Loremaster also had the sense (and lack of patience) to not

bother setting up mobile staves as it was unlikely to get many people to come fight in them.

A last thought for you, it is so easy to stop someone flying away - if you cannot see that then

there is no point anyone ever answering your public cries for attention.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 996.