Ah well what you say is true--you do indeed espouse all those things and acknowledge the cycle of death and life, but in practice, you and yours just maintain the status quo. People are healed and restored to destroy again, no lesson learned. Most of

your followers and guild members are protected or pacifist, cutting off their ability to employ some of their skills, thus allowing them to become stale.

You micromanage the animist guild removing any need for decision making by the mortals and even take responsibility for overseeing the community chest. It is so unbecoming that you should sully your divine self with such contact with the mortals, but

I know you shall continue to do it because of your endless love for them and desire that they not know suffering, pain and loss. But methinks you mother them too much for pain and loss are necessary hurdles in life which all that lives must surmount i

f there is to be any true growth.

L' Chaim


Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 996.