You mistake my words dear Proteus, I said that chopping down trees that

were bareing fruit didn't make sense. By that I refer to trees that have

given fruit that season, and no doubt will do so again. Those in the

very prime of their Lifespans. To cut them down is to remove the food

from your own mouth. A complete waste of Life's gifts to the lands.

Obviously I find cutting down any tree distasteful. And how could I not.

I love each of them as much as I love everyother living creature.

But all things have their seasons, and the trees eventually fade and

fail to bring forth fruit. At that point to clear them from the forest

and to replant a new young hardy tree is merely the renewal of Life.

Do I enjoy seeing them fade and die, no, but all mortal creatures do it.

Remember, the greatest power of Life, is its power to renew, to bring

forth the cycles again. To break out of Winter's barreness and cause

Spring to occur again, forever.

You perhaps confuse me my friend with Aldaron the Creator. He never

wished to see death take any of his creatures. But I am not the Creator,

I am the Renewer, I am the Spring that breaks Winter's hold upon the

land year after year for eternity. The fact I never wish to see any

thing die is immaterial, it is within my power to start Life again

when it happens. As I do each Spring. Death may be inevitable, but

so is Winter. And after the Winter comes the Spring, and after Death

comes Life yet again.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 996.