Jumping after Challenges.

Well Folks I have not posted here before but I now think it warants it.

I had just lost a challenge to Krill today and was unconcious because of lack of food when not 5 seconds later Arikarr shows up with his Demons and I die again.

Not that I mind dying to him as I am used to it but the challenge was only 5 seconds finished.

I somehow do not think this is acceptable behavior for an older player who is a High Priest, and a GM.

I may have QQ'd when I was smaller although I now stand and fight till I die, but this takes the Cake.

I am sorry Arikarr but this time your apology is not accepted, not because you jumped me, but because it was right after I lost a challenge.

Those are my thoughts on the matter and I leave it to you the Public to decide in your own minds who was in the right or wrong here.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Springflower, in the year 996.