Rampaging newbies.

Unfortunately, the player you talk about comes from a site that

many of our players use, there are lots of genuine newbies from there

as well as lots of genuine players.

It is interesting that you have brought this up after our recent discussion in

this forum about newborn helping and so on. Previously I had banned this site

so that no new characters could be created from it; a decision that hurts Avalon

commercially but helpsmaintain the quality of the environment. I unbanned the site

just last week, and the same guy is back again already. The site is now banned again

as far as creating novices goes.

This is just one example of the types of problem we were discussing. In particular

bad examples of novice abuse (bad being defined as obviously experienced novices

systematically ruining the experience of real novices) then you should notify a

deity to deal with it. If none about try a WISH as there may be invisible deities

online. If that fails then ring the Avalon support number and report it.

As you say, in most cases these people get bored and go away after a while, but

unfortunately there are some really small minded people out there, and quite often

they are looking for the attention that behaving badly brings them. Deities are used

to dealing with this and can usually defuse a situation quite quickly.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Springflower, in the year 996.