so long and thanks for the fish.

Taliesinto Everyone

My farewells first, then the thanks

Time and apathy have done what no mortal or immortal ever managed to do... send me away as nothing more than an occasional spectator. I bequeath all my worldly goods to Arikarr, the one person in Avalon who never let me down. I bequeath my loyalty an

d worship to Xanthe, who believed in me.

I thank hundreds of players for thousands of hours of gaming and passion... joy and rage...I salute Orthwein, god of fate, for no other entity inspired such loyalty and then such hate. Well played, sir.

To mercy, dakeyras, Silk, Ladycat, Karamis, Rentoo, and Nivea... I will miss you always

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 996.