Your heritage.

Culinaneto Joshua, Rapscallion of Springdale

It was many years ago and I remember when you took your first steps of adulthood in the Land, when old Dearon took me aside and asked me to make sure you would be welcome in the guild of the Bards if you so chose. Dearon told me the whole story and th

rough dialogue (you as a former bard know of what I am speaking) I had it confirmed by Cormellon.

Your mother, Rinda, was not, in fact, forced into servitude in the Bards guild. When she could no longer stay with the Eose due to the unwanted attentions of Shu-gar, it was the Bards guild that opened its doors to Rinda to give her safe haven and a w

elcome home. It is true that Rinda worked harder than she should have whilst she stayed in our guild, but this was her choice and she did it because she did not want to feel beholden to Dearon. Clearly we have seen that you inherited her penchant for

hard work; we see it in your indefatigible questing.

I might also note that perhaps you are so sweet because your father was Shu-gar, but that sounds like one of old Dagonet's top forty tunes from the 70's (that is the 970's since the Divine War), which is now seen as an era of bad clothes, bad backbeat

s, and bad lyrics.

It is good to see you again old man, and thank you for sharing your heritage with us. \"What is bred in the bone... \" and all that.

Culinane, older than dirt

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Eleuthral, in the year 996.