Challenges, part two.

Loremaster Yairito Everyone

Well now, early this morning I logged on only to see that Julian was marching a legion south on the Uruk Road.

He had, it seems, just wiped out a small legion of ours.

I immediately prepared to attack but WAIT!

Having learned my lesson, I first typed CHALLENGES only to see that Julian and Glowballistic had issued mutual challenges.

Of course, I dare not raise my blade to him.

\"How goes the challenge? \" I asked Glow. \"Not well\", she replied.

It seems that Julian kept throwing up ice walls between them and she couldn't reach him.

Glow then retracted her challenge.

Julian, however, did not retract his and he was STILL moving troops.

PONDER! What to do?

Of course I could have issued a challenge to Julian, but then I have NEVER been first to issue one.

I only fight defensively or for strategic purposes, not for fun.

So while ruminating over this situation, I set up my DEFENSIVE staves (a Loremaster habit), spread a blanket,

cracked open a cool elixir, and munched on a yummy smoked haddock.

As I was enjoying my picnic, GASP! Julian marched straight into my staves! (As did Sajora and Culinane).

Before I could offer my heartfelt apologies and invite these good folks to join me in my snack, Julian ATTACKED me!

As he still had his challenge open, I dared not return his blows and he killed me through my olvar.

Confused, I flew off to the clouds.

When I questioned Julian as to his current challenge, he told me to \"Shut up\" and then made some comment questioning the legitimacy of my birth!

Now, I was not only confused but my feelings were, of course, horribly hurt.

After a brief chat with my good friend Culinane, I retrieved my staves and made off to my guildhall to tend to my bruised ego.

Shakal and Culinane then issued mutual challenges. Sajora then killed Shakal.

What an interesting place this is!

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midwinter, in the year 996.