Sir Julian, Knight of Justiceto Loremaster Yairi

That is what you saw, I was with Allanon trying to open a shop door, Keldar offered a challenge to me, I offered a challenge to Keldar (in that order).

When I walked outside i was met by your barrage of staves, and you wouldn't slow your attack so I could explain when i ASKED you to stop

armsmash for eating babies and killing newbies, well there were no babies or newbies. Glowball was there honourably attacking me and Allanon, but I did not attack back, I intimidated. She, by the way, was attacking BEFORE the challenge unlike you.

I realize you came on right before your attacks, and perhaps you missed the challenge text, I did not do it to get out of you attacking me, but I can see where you might have been confused

Sorry for all the confusion, but I did not make a challenge to get out of Thakria safely, I was in Thakria when the challenged was issued me, and in Thakria when I returned, ask Keldar

Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 995.