Your stupidity.

Firstly - If you think attacking me straight after a challenge with Allanon doesnt give

you an advantage you must be demented. Tweak your mojo in a mental institute.

In the past week I have killed you 6 times or more one on one. Many times Kilthas

jumping in to save your butt.

This time you got 2 kills on me..... seems like some sort of advantage.

I couldnt care less about when you attacked as long as the rules apply to everybody.

For doing the same thing today and i was zapped and told NEVER to do such a thing.

I just want to know from the divinities if your actions are acceptable. If they are

good enough for two ex-princes of Mercinae they should be acceptable to me.

I wonder if you will be punished???

Luckily for you my patron is good-natured and peaceful.


As you said Allanon lasted a matter of seconds without even seeing a whiff of a stave

the duration of the combat is irrelevant. The jumping straight after a challenge

has been prohibited.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Midsummer, in the year 995.