You are quite hard done by.

You needn't invoke 'having witnesses' to try to bolster your sorry tale of woe, for all my faults and failings, I have always been quick to admit what I have done. Allanon challenged you, you returned the challenge and after he died in Dalgar's he ask

ed me to \"jump in any time\". This was after the message that the challenge was over, Allanon was ghost and in I came.

Unfortunately, I did not have the advantage of having read Apollo's post, but nonetheless now having read it, I admire your efforts to bring this situation within the framework of Apollo's post. Apollo points out that using a challenge outside the spi

rit in which it is intended to attack people who have been lured out of a safe area or who have fought for long times and are low on supplies is incorrect.

Aerian in your post you do mention that you 'promptly' slayed Allanon, thus you can hardly complain that you were low on supplies after a long and arduous fight. You also neglected to mention that you were in your usual place amongst your setup of sta

ves along the Avenue of Kings, it can hardly be suggested that you had been 'lured out of a safe place' to fight your challenge with Allanon. You were on your home turf, using as always each advantage that you had (though I do point out that you didn'

t have Hecritor this time although you went to the Gates to get him). You ask others to not complain when you use this area to fight your challenges yet you complain when you die.

Finally as for your statement that I suggested that because Apollo had not spoken to me I do not intend to follow his instructions, I made no such comment.

If you wish to settle this in a challenge without dragging Shakal or one of your other pals along, please let me know.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midsummer, in the year 995.