Silverlord Aerian, Sorcerer of Loreto Everyone

Today, as people do, I jumped Allanon as his challenge expired. A common event which

I agree is a totally cowardly act and was promptly zapped by Lord Apollo.

However, I do note that this happens very often to everybody. (including me)

Indeed Allanon himself has no aversion to this... and Kilthas in the past two weeks has

done it immediately after I slew culinane too challenge. (A few times at least) Proteus is a witness.

I have been assured by Lord Apollo that these acts will no longer be tolerated by Thakrians

Springdalians or anyone else. This is a relief as at least we know where we stand.

I do it. because its done to me.

So. take note... whoever you are. this is not allowed to happen to you. (Even thakrians)

I have no doubt this will be confirmed by the divinities.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 995.