Loved your post ... great humour. Can I by two!

But as a point of order since democracy will only flourish in the early 20th Century (except for Greece of course) has Avalon reached that point?

No use having a title unless the proletariat stand in awe and the damsels swoon at my feet ... unless of course I am actually part of the monarchy and since in Avalon we choose Barons who in turn choose a Prince who in turn is in theory a servant

of the King (albiet that the King is a CCC) are we a democracy?

Why yes we are! So that means we have freedom of expression, so I can call myself King without having to pay you for it ... But then, since we do have a real king and a real prince I wont bother at this

time but it is a wonderful service you offer ..... keep up the good work.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 995.