Helping Newbies.

Apollo, the god of lightto Spicy Dorita of Parrius

It has always been a part of Avalon and always will be. Those who help

are rarely rewarded, but when they are the rewards are often high as new

players almost always have a very high regard and respect for those who

first helped them.

Avalon is a public access system. There are people out there who repeatedly

come and play through newbies and ask for help constantly and waste people's

time in doing so. When we can spot them, we try to ban their sites if possible.

We once experimented with telling players that Avalon was charged before they

created a new character. The results were that the above mentioned people kept on

coming in and we got no new players at all during that time. Avalon is a work of

love and wonder and dedication (not least on the part of the players) and that is

what people require to sample and wish to join in with.

Every player that registers correctly is e-mailed a noviceguide and alerted to the

fact that Avalon is a charging game. Those who don't register correctly you will

often never even see, those that we believe are going to 'waste your time' in terms

of going on to be a long-term player we automatically prefix YOUNG. This is an ongoing

process which we hope eliminates wasted time as much as possible. Remember HELP MENTOR

as well for the more experienced players, this is meant as a recognition of some of

the time and effort put in by you and a chance to gain something back.

Lastly, the whole issue is a complex one and I'm always willing to listen to new ideas

to help. Many think we should extend the free time given to newborns, for example, due

to the complexity of Avalon and the very little that can be sampled during just 5 hours,

the first couple of which are spent with the auto-guide anyway (or should be). The reason

this isn't done is because we recognise the strain this would put on those of you

in your city's PR ministries who strive to help the novice come to appreciate the

possibilities of the land.

If you can think of anything that might help the situation, please talk to me directly.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 995.