QQ's and Bravery.

Sir Cuchulainn, Tide of Justiceto Everyone

Hello all

Just my two cents here... I agree with Arikarr's and Julian's analysis of this situation, and almost completely with Arthor's.

I am usually on the receiving end of the drubbings, at least for now. QQ'ing once in a fight is the height of cowardice and should be prevented in some way.

However, I am of a mind with Arikarr when he asks, \"why should I spend my money not having fun losing skills getting killed in a clearly unfair fight\". I think it is absolutely the player's prerogative to avoid conflict.

What it is *not* our prerogative to do is to bail out of a fight with a qq. If you weren't quick enough, clever enough, or strong enough to extricate yourself from your situation or avoid it entirely, you should stand and fight. Die if need be.

QQ'ing in mid-fight is a complete blasphemy of the spirit of Avalon, and I would be ashamed to do it. (mind you I have when I scrolled into a complete freeze before, but not with qq... by resetting my internet connection).

I also think some restriction of qq locales is reasonable, although we should take into account pressing RL things such as screaming children, burning homes, and the like, which may require an immediate exit.

If one cannot quit *anywhere* outside cities and taverns (as in barracks, stores, and taverns)... what happens when someone's child starts playing in the sulphuric acid vat in the corner?

Not a disagreement with the idea mind you, just a bit of devil's advocate. We need a system that makes allowances... perhaps a shorter-than-12-second qq, but with complete inactivity until you leave.

Seems to me that in that case, you could quit reasonably quickly, but qq'ing in a fight would cost you the life one way or the other.

Interesting topic, and one I'm glad to see brought up... rant over now...

Sir Cuchulainn, the Bloodied but Unbowed

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 995.