Artisan Ulyssis the Runemasterto Everyone

Since I suggested it, our Baroness in her wisdom has 'slum-dunked' me to organise the roster of appointed messengers.

Well actually, I voluntered since Bumble is a very busy bee indeed. That said, could all those folk interested in the appointment please message me with the set that you are in Avalon.

The idea is to have an overlap of messengers (with back-up) covering the full 24 hour spectrum 7 days a week. So all that is needed is your name and the Avalon time you are connected.

For the young ones ... type TIME to see what the Avalon time register is.

The idea is simple, The Messengers responsiblility is to communicate the goals of the city during his or her shift and to take PRIMARY responsibilty of collecting our \"Stern Faced men\" before doing anything else

If we can get two people per shift that would be great, that way if organised into territories it really goes quickly.

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally and publically thank Tyroion for his help in the round-up. If I'm not fast enough he beats me to it everytime, wish it was like that around the clock.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 995.