I think Arthor makes a fair point, but I also think you are right and we could

all use a little re-read of HELP SADISM. However, I would say that when, only

a few months ago, it was Mercinaen players stamping all over Thakrians, myself

included, I didn't see any QQ'ing or complaints about it.

QQ'ing in the middle of a fight is the pits, it shows cowardice, childishness and

a disregard for the spirit of the game. Come on folks, if you don't want to be

battered over and over keep your DP up. On the other hand, quitting the game as

you have seen someone logging in thats going to cause you trouble, as you have

suggested people do for Arthor, is that players perogative. There were times when

I would see a team appearing and then waiting for me, and I would think 'ah well,

I'm not wasting any more money being targets for them today!' and leave. Thats

different, thats NOT in the middle of a fight, be it a team, jump, challenge or

whatever. Roll with the punches, folks.

On a final note I do like the idea of only being able to quit in certain locations,

but I don't think that Storerooms and Barracks are the right ones, that would just

encourage people to sit in safety areas even more, which leads to stagnation in

play. Maybe Inns and Taverns would be a better idea?

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 994.