Luzog and the government of Goblin Town.

Dictator Dartanian, Armed With Vengeanceto Everyone

Think what you will. Thakria made every attempt to join with you, but instead you ignored our missives and refused to respond to a legitimate and realistic request. We do not now or ever will desire conflict with you, but the necessity of our action

s was made even more dire by your refusal to respond in a timely manner.

We would still rather see your dark purposes fulfilled and we would still rather have you as our allies. This of course means that we work together to some degree, but I have yet to see any such actions from you that would make us think this possible

Don't forget, if you choose to ride against us, when your troops die against our walls, it is your choice for conflict, and foolish a choice it would be.

Dartanian, Prince of Thakria

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midwinter, in the year 994.