Good fights back.....

Giliad Silverhandto Everyone

Goood-hearted people of Avalon,

In response to the attack upon the mountain stronghold of Thaumacie, three members of the Order of the Sun and Moon planned and executed a brutal assault on the evil Sorcerer Pangyron.

Since the forces of evil saw fit to destroy all of the honorable dwarves, we responded in turn by slaying all of the guardians of evil found in Pangyron's halls, and offered the burnt and broken body of the fiendish sorcerer to Orestes.

In a mystical ceremony, Orestes laid the body of the sorcerer to rest in the forest and banished his spirit from the lands for as long as his power would allow.

This great feat in the name of good was accomplished by Tanglong, Arathorn, Orinoko, and myself.

In the end, Threap tried to come to the aide of his dark master, and Arathorn fell in valiant combat to protect Orestes.

These day, despite it's casualty, has been a victory for the forces of good.

Your's in goodness,

Giliad Silverhand.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 993.