Goblin Town.

Culinaneto Dictator Dartanian, Armed With Vengeance

Years ago I oversaw Mercinae withdrawing a small portion of her army from the Gates of Thakria. There were grave portents regarding the rise of Goblin Town even then. I personally directed our troops to smash the Goblin fortifications and troops.

In my absence Thakrians who would not dare walk the Land whilst I was here led large Thakrian forces to slaughter the Mercinaen army of occupation that I had purposely left in Goblin Town. As I heard it, even this Thakrian march relied heavily on pro

tection from Kylan in her last act of vengeance against the City of Light against which she had fought so long.

Now I see you are asking 'any who are interested' in helping to assist Thakria with its Southern border against the rage of the Goblins. I am sure you can see a certain irony.

No doubt this post will be met with replies that Thakria does not need and has never needed help defending itself. My personal experience over the last 20 years suggests that is untrue, but I will cede to the greater minds which as usual will advise

me of my errors and ignorance.

Good luck with the Goblins old friend!

Good luck with the Goblins old friend!

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Ilmarael, in the year 992.