The Destruction of the Rangers Guild.

Griffyn, Your guild may have withstood the assault Shargal and Durgash brought against it and you and your friends may have launched a successful counter attack against my town, but know that you have only won the first battle in a war that will see y

our destruction.

The Rangers guild will be no more and my people will freely roam the Greenwood. The contributions of your friends my Mercinae and Springdale will not be forgotten. We are tired of your attacks upon us. The only people we despise more than your guild a

nd friends are those who stand at the borders of Goblin Town waiting for a lone guard to happen by and slaughter him.

You and your friends will have an honored place at my table as I gnaw upon your bones and relax upon the rug I have made from your bear pelt--but those cowards who lurk about our borders, we shall fill their mouths with the dung of our orc imps and le

t them rot in a pile in the center of what will be your former guildhouse.

You have sown death among my people long enough--and soon we shall be the reapers.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midsummer, in the year 992.