Ruby Gem Quest.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Many people have expressed on interest in being part of the Ruby Gem Quest who were not present in the land when the quest was begun so many years ago. In order to prevent a deluge of requests to be considered, I would like to make people aware of the

general criteria that will be used to resolve this quest.

First - It came to my attention there were 2 seeded competitors I had been previously unaware of as well as 2 among the unseeded competitors who still remained in the land. These people have been msged and told that they too need to contact me if they

intend to compete. The inclusion of these people brings the field up to the desired number of competitors.

If any of the competitors declines to compete or does not register to do so, the next best person from their preliminary round will be tapped to compete. If the alternate does not wish to compete or in the absence of an active alternate, the gods wil

l chose from those who apply to me to be a substitute.


The gem quest is meant to find the best of the best in Avalon in the art of single combat. Therefore, if you have already competed in the gem quest, or were listed to compete, but forfeited by not showing up, you may not be a substitute.

The people who are among the best single fighters have pretty much established themselves as thus over time. However, to chose among you who will be considered first to be a substitute, the gods wish you to exhibit your prowess over the next week in s

ingle combat. The quality of your foes and your skill in dispatching them will be considered.

To enter yourself as a candidate for substitute, msg me (if you havent already). You may want to call attention to the fact you would like to prove yourself to the gods by asking a god to observe your fight. I, of course, am available for such and Ort

hwein has said he would be available to supervise combat as well from time to time.

Granted, this may be a rather subjective chosing method, but as I mentioned, most candidates for subtitution have already proven themselves time and time again. Subtitutes will be announced Thursday or Friday, but I would imagine Saturday night may pr

ovide opportunities to be involved do to no-shows.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Skyelong, in the year 992.