Druidess Wolfsong, of the Whispering Woodto Everyone

Dear all,

I disgraced a friend publically at the quiz, unintentionally but never the less it cause great pain to him and many others.

It is not often that animists post on the publi bb, so I would just like to publically spologise to Saphir and to everyone for shouting out that he was cheating at the quiz. It had seemed that way to me

But it was infact a bug in the quest. My mind was elsewhere as many of you will know.

I was not thinking what I was doing or the consequences of my actions.

Saphir has forgiven me, My lord Rhadamanthys was gentle and understanding as ever and my guild has reprimanded me accordingly.

Please, I hope everyone will not let my own problems reflect on the guild.

Again I am heartily sorry and those of you who cannot forgive me, I understand, but at least take the time to find out and understand why I was distracted enough to hurt a friend a care for.

I tried to leave after I realised what I had done, but others stopped me, whether they should have done that remains to be seen.

In love and compassion,


Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 991.