Brigantia, the goddess of lifeto Everyone

While we all love seeing lots of trees in the forests, I ask that

you show a little restraint when planting those apple, pear, and plum

seeds. And bananas, especially those. Think about the forest that

you stand in before you plant them. While there isn't an actual

limit to the number you can plant in one place, planting too many

not only looks bad, but it isn't very good for the trees. I know its

such a temptation when you first get the skill to go plant seeds all

over the place. But try and resist. I'm not going to tell you how

many is too many, but do try and picture what it will look like when

they grow up. I'm finding places where there are between 10 and 50

seedlings. Surely there isn't enough room for all of them to get

sunlight when they grow, or enough water and nourishment in the soil.

Be kind to the trees, give them enough room to grow. There are plenty

of forest places with few trees in them, spread out your efforts a bit.

Trees need a bit of personal space just like the rest of Life's Creatures.

In Life, Brigantia

Written by my hand on the 7th of Paglost, in the year 991.