Alchemical Mestopholies, Sage of Compassionto Everyone

I would like to state that I am outraged that someone would rob the shop in mercinae off the royal work under Wolfsong's care. It is the Order of compassion shop in mercinae.

I ask that the thief step forward... though I am told Goren was seen with all the items in a wheelbarrow. I am not accusing him but I ask that the thief step forward for it is an Order shop and this shop's proceeds belong to Rhadamanthys the God of Co

mpassion's order.

I understand that there is a war and Mercinae's enemies want to harm it, but wolfsong is not a citizen of mercinae and the shop has always welcomed anyone to shop there.

Should this happen to happen again the Order might be forced to put staves in the shops limiting the commerce which we do not wish to do.

In the name of Compassion I ask the thief to step forward and if reparations are made I shall do my best to see no retribution is sought.

Yours in Compassion,


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Springflower, in the year 991.