Although addressed primarily to Proteus this is also ment for everyone.

There is much to be said about pacifism, it, like every other opinion on this mortal soil has its place. Having watched mortal behavior since its creation, the Gods, unlike the mortals, must surely have come to the conclusion that the physical and men


processes of violence has no potency other than the injury of persons and the destruction of both resources and material possessions.

On the other-hand, the mental processes of non-violence has an unknown potency for the mortal world has never tried it and as far as I or any mere person can tell never will. Face it, in our world there will always be those who find it easier to take


the sword than use the gentle art of diplmacy and negotiation to achieve a successful end result.

Pacifism, by dictionary definition, is the belief that disputes between nations should and can be settled peacefully. It is the total and absolute opposition to war or to violence as a means of resolving disputes, and as such pacifism is demonstrated

by a

refusal to participate in any military action OR PARTAKE IN ANY ACTION that will assist or result in a military solution and/or action. That belief should be true of Avalonions, but it is not. Why? Well the simple truth is that no war can be fough


without non-combatants - in a world far beyond the portals of Avalon (but where I believe we have all lived in another life) it takes the skills and combined labour of 10,000 non-coms to support a single platoon at war. The ratio in Avalon may be less


but the principles of economics is still the same. Let us make no mistake - within the confines of Avalon, pacifism is faced with a situation with which it cannot cope. The conventional pacifist concept is irrelevant to this (Avalon) reality because i


it is the only mantle of protection available to the broad spectrum of non-com activities. How then do we make the PW concept relevant? The Gods in their wisdom may find it in their hearts to designate another category - that of the non-combatant (NC)

For example, I am PW only because I choose to labour in the finding of Comms in preference to fighting and do not want to be bothered with the processes of being challenged or defending unprovoked attack. I'm not worried about the dying, heck I've don


that enough times on my own (running out of atigax while panning, touching a death rune while foraging, meeting the odd demon or two that don't respect PW status ect.) I just think fighting per se is a waste of time - leave it to the folk who are good


it and enjoy bashing heads. That said, I am the first to say remove PW status from those who abuse it's intent. Instead grant NC status to those, who like me, believe war can only be abolished through have a good defence and in order to rid ourse


from the threat of war it is necessary to provide our city forces and our fighting persona with the best possible resources. NC status need not be fancy, just enough to ensure an honorable refusal of public challenge and sever penalty to perpetrators


unprovoked attack. In all other aspects an NC should face the same risks as the fighter (if the NC doesn't duck in battle then die) nor should an NC afford any additional protection to a fighter he or she happens to be following. Most certainly an NC

should be disposed of most ruthlessly ( as a spy) if found doing military duties of any sort in territories out side of his or own city.

For my money, PW should only be available to Animists (with an undertaking from the Guild that any violation of the concept of pacifism will result in the expulsion from the Animist profession any mamber found guilty of violation). For any other

profession NC should cover. To end this lengthy post, and in support of those who choose pacifism I quote:

All that a pacifist can undertake (but it is a very great deal) is to refuse to kill, injure or otherwise cause suffering to another human creature, and untiringly to order his life by the rule of love even though others may be captured by hate

Written by my hand on the 9th of Springflower, in the year 991.