Non Vox Sed Votum.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

One of the few interesting and worthwhile thoughts (for a mortal) Grundy had was inscribing the words Non Vox Sed Votum on his warhammer. Loosely translated, it means Not Words, But Deeds.

This is both an answer and a statement for my post today. Firstly, to Ithakus-the reason why protected folks may not enter cities is because mortals can control their protection and therefore remain unscathed while they position themselves to attack f

olks and then lose their protection and execute their plan. Pacifists need darn good timing to do this, so if they wish to frolic in the cities of their enemies, hugging trees, so be it. The only concern I have is that they not use the small abilities

they have within pacifism to act counter to it. I have not seen a pacifist able to do so much damage that banning all of them from cities is required.

Likewise, such titles as Prince, Field Marshall, and Minister of Justice are just empty words mortals bestow on each other to make themselves feel important or delineate responsibility. That mortals foolishly elect or appoint others to positions they

are utterly ineffectual at is not news to the gods. If a mortal is a pacifist, he/she can not act as a field marshall, regardless of whether he/she holds the title. The gods have better things to do than protect mortals from their own folly by restri

cting who may hold titles. It is words without hope of much deeds.

For most everyone else in general--

Once again, this board has degenerated into idle claims of \"We are gonna kill you\" or \"Ah the cowards killed me, how big of them. \" Once again you must be reminded there is a section for that. If you succeed in some sort of actual victory over the armi

es of another city or come to an actual peaceable agreement that everyone should know about, then certainally, the land should hear of it. But as many mortals have observed, reading idle threats, claims of cowardice and broken promises are quite tedio


Less words, more deeds.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 991.