enough please!.

Wizard Roghan the Ethereal Guardianto Everyone

I have never posted on the public BB because frankly it makes me sick to my stomach to place my thoughts and opinions here for everybody to critique and possibly add to the massive level of mud-slinging already vividly displayed here. Please let it be

known now that I do not intend to start another one of these incidents nor do I intend to post here again to reply to somebody elses response to this post.

The last 25 posts I have read (and consequently wasted my time reading) are almost all based on speculation, ego-building, or an attempt at propaganda. Why can't we just believe in the old adage that actions speak louder then words and cease the vagra

nt posting. If Plaman and Dartanian are set to destroy themselves with this war then so be it but if they succeed then they will have the last laugh won't they? If SPRINGDDALE helps MERCINAE or if they don't, what will it matter in the end what we pos

t on it? I respect and honor those who fight and win fairly. Who decides what is fair? The deities of course! If you think something has been done unfairly then please post to the comments board or speak directly to one of the lands fine deities. Plea

se do not subject the remainder of Avalon to an endless string of posts containing name calling and cleaver sarcasm.

In short we will all do what we will all do (pretty simple isn't it?) and we shall all reap the rewards or suffer the consequences. Who knows I may suffer for this post or perhaps gain a little support for the cause of common sense and conservative po

sting. Please leave the PUBLIC BB for information relevant to the public not so that everybody can know just what you think of so-and-so and why you think it. Just my opinion, and I hope I offended no one.

Roghan, with 2 cents less in his pocket

Written by my hand on the 1st of Mournsend, in the year 991.